Since there is an ever-growing number of people who visit these parts, and since no one wants to waste time perusing every post I've written thus far, here is a little index of what's been happening since the beginning of the year.:-) I have to admit that I am more than a little overwhelmed by the numbers. Since February 15th, over 21, 000 visitors checked things out, from more than 30 different countries, exploring more than 21, 500 pages!:-) Thank you all!!!


- The Book of Words trilogy (J. V. Jones): Book review (My very first. . . And worst!)
- Children of Amarid (David B. Coe): Book review
- The Outlanders (David B. Coe): Book review
- La Crème de la Crème (part 1): A list of my all-time favourites
- Eagle-Sage (David B. Coe): Book review


- Fall from Grace: David Eddings article
- Shadowmarch (Tad Williams): Book review
- Things that make you go hmmm. . .: Terry Goodkind article
- La Crème de la Crème (part 2): A list of my all-time favourites
- Ship of Magic (Robin Hobb): Book review
- Close but no cigar: A list of runner-ups that almost made it to my all-time favourites' list
- Mad Ship (Robin Hobb): Book review
- Around the World: Budget traveling article
- Ship of Destiny (Robin Hobb): Book review


- Top 5 Ongoing Fantasy Series: Poll results
- The Runes of the Earth (Stephen R. Donaldson): Book review
- Europe's Low-Cost Airlines: Budget traveling article
- Favourite Fantasy Authors of All Time: Poll results
- Tad Williams Interview: Interview
- The Silences of Home (Caitlin Sweet): Book review
- Best Fantasy Series of All Time: Poll results
- Hostels around Europe: Budget traveling article
- Quicksilver (Neal Stephenson): Book review


- L. E. Modesitt, jr. Interview: Interview
- So you want to be a book reviewer?: Article
- Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith (Matthew Stover): Book review
- Favourite Fantasy/Scifi Characters of All Time: Poll results
- The Confusion (Neal Stephenson): Book review
- Amazon's synopsis for Robert Jordan's Knife of Dreams: Synopsis
- The System of the World (Neal Stephenson): Book review
- Darth Vader's Blog


- Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith: Soundtrack review
- The Darkness that Comes Before (R. Scott Bakker): Book review
- Check them out!: Websites of interest
- Best Fantasy Artists: Poll results
- Best Fantasy/Scifi Stand-Alone Novels: Poll results
- The Warrior-Prophet (R. Scott Bakker): Book review
- Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith: Movie review
- Fool's Errand (Robin Hobb): Book review
- The Contiki Experience: Budget traveling article
- Golden Fool (Robin Hobb): Book review
- R. Scott Bakker Interview: Link


- Fool's Fate (Robin Hobb): Book review
- The Great Ladies of Fantasy: Poll results
- It's Only Temporary (Eric Shapiro): Book review
- In the King's Service (Katherine Kurtz): Book review
- Tad Williams Interview: Link
- The Curse of Chalion (Lois McMaster Bujold): Book review
- Paladin of Souls (Lois McMaster Bujold): Book review


- Robin Hobb Interview: Interview
- The Years of Rice and Salt (Kim Stanley Robinson): Book review
- Neverwhere (Neil Gaiman): Book review


- The Golden Compass (Philip Pullman): Book review

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