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Hi guys!:-)

Just wanted to invite everyone to join us at the OF Board on Yes, it is probably the biggest Robert Jordan website on the net, but the Other Fantasy message board discusses everything that is not Jordan (My review of Knife of Dreams was cut!). Interestingly enough, most people there don't even like the author. It takes a minute to register, and then you're in!

You'll find a lively community of well-read guys and gals, all with a very broad range of topics. So what are you waiting for!?! Give it a shot. You probably won't be disappointed. Just based on the recommendations I got from those guys in the last few months, well it makes it more than worth my while.:-)

There is only one requirement: You have to love fantasy/scifi, whatever the form!;-)

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Anonymous said...

It's the place to go for all your fantasy/sci-fi needs, i rarely ever even check the wheel of time section anymore

Sarah said...

People seem pretty well-read over there. Lately I've been lurking for the purposes of "cheating" and reading about A Feast For Crows from the UK people who've already got it. (Additionally the new WOT, which my dad and I don't buy till they come out in paperback.)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Pat, I'm a newbie here. I ran across your site looking for comments about David B. Coe (I liked his Lon-Tobyn books quite a bit, and was glad to see your positive reviews).

I used to check wotmania regularly, but have more recently moved on to other sites. . . and (two sites with shared discussion forums). Please come check us out some time--we're always looking for more opinions on books.