The Malazan contest winner!

Hey there!

Boy, was there interest for this one! When I initially discussed doing this with Erikson's publicist, I never would have thought that this contest would be so popular!

Finally, I have drawn the name of the luck winner: Christian Foster, fromTockwith, York, UK. As winner, the first five volumes of the Malazan series will be delivered right to his door!

Many thanks to Transworld for accepting to do this. I can never say it enough: Without their support, contests such as this one would never see the light.

Thanks to all the participants. May good fortune smile upon you next time! As I said before, I am on the verge of announcing a new contest next week, as well as working on one or two others. So stay tuned for more!

And for those who are wondering when the name of the winner of a copy of Tad Williams' Shadowplay will be announced, along with Penguin Books we've decided to wait until the release date is closer. Which means that everyone can still register for that contest! Just send your contact info at, with the "SHADOWPLAY" header.

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Anonymous said...

i'd have to admit that this is the first time i've ever entered nething like this! however, that does nothing to stop this being a great late christmas present. i now have a full set of books with no tears, rips, stains(?) or general dogearedness. thanks to ne1 who was involved in organising the contest and hope every1 has a great new year.

christian xxx