Black Powder War contest winners

Hi guys!

The names of our winners have been drawn. They will each receive a copy of Naomi Novik's Black Powder War delivered right to their mailbox! It doesn't get much better than this!

Many thanks to the good people at Del Rey Books for accepting to support this contest.

The winners are:

John D. Sill1, from Round Lake, Illinois, USA ( Jaxom 1974 over at Ran's ASOIAF message board)

Konrad Gaertner, from Richardson, Texas, USA (Robin Hobb's newsgroup)

Stay tuned for more!

3 commentaires:

William Lexner said...

I can't catch a break in any of these contests. :p

Anonymous said...

Thanks Patrick!

William, just keep trying. Eventually all us lucky folks will have won something and then the unlucky people will have a chance.

Race said...

William... You get review copies.. quit bitching :P

and Jaxom cant even read.. don't give him one!