How Have Online Reviews Affected the Publishing World

SF Signal just posted this interesting interview with editors, authors, bloggers, etc.

As a matter of course, opinions differ from one person to the next.

Check it out here.

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Larry Nolen said...

Almost surprised that you didn't have anything to say in regards to my brief mention of your blog there, Pat :P

The responses were what they were. I need to think a bit (hard, with a bad cold coming on) before responding there and elsewhere.

Patrick said...

Yep, thanks for giving me some props!

Though some old school editors might say that I'm at the root of the problem!:p

Neth said...

then those old-school editors are out of touch (IMHO). It was interesting - when I answered I had no sense of who else they asked. I kinda feel like I was playing with the big boys, or that I got to sit at the adult table for the first time.

Larry Nolen said...

Well, you're the one that's mentioned as being a template, for good and for bad, so why wouldn't I? :P

As for the editors, there were quite a few differences in opinion there, subtle as they might appear to be at first. Everything now is in a state of flux; most of the comments agreed on this. I think people are starting to explore more, branch out, find their own voice. I know I've been doing that and it seems that I get more traffic and more comments now that I've started to explore authors in more depth. I guess I've come full-circle from 10 years ago, huh? :P

And Ken, while I knew there'd be some of the more well-known authors and editors there, I saw it as an opportunity to share and to learn. I still see it that way. I got my seat at the table as soon as I decided that I wanted to think about the books I enjoyed :D

Luis said...

Speaking as a reader who has only recently discovered book review blogs, I would think that publishers should start looking more closely at this phenomenon. I know they have definetly influenced my choices as far as book that I plan to read.