Cover art for Paul Kearney THE MONARCHIES OF GOD

Hey folks,

Here's the new cover art for Paul Kearney's upcoming The Monarchies of God omnibuses, Hawkwood and the Kings (Canada, USA, Europe) and Century of the Soldier (Canada, USA, Europe).

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Matthijs Alberts said...

I am seriously not impressed by those covers.

Adam Whitehead said...

Excellent news, although I suspect the book covers (one or both) are placeholders. Releasing two different books with the same cover is seriously confusing for booksellers and customers alike.

THE MONARCHIES OF GOD series itself is excellent. It destroys the fallacy that a good epic fantasy needs to be thousands of pages long to be decent (the combined page-count of the five volumes is about that of LORD OF THE RINGS by itself) whilst featuring lots of political and religious turmoil, some of the finest battles in the genre's history (in both depiction and in thematic exploration of their causes and consequences) and some excellent characterisation, although Kearney is astonishingly ruthless with his characters (making GRRM read like Eddings in some instances).

A very fine series, and excellent news that it will soon be available for wider consumption.

CJohnson said...

HELL YEAH, I've been waiting so long for this omnibus, it just keeps getting delayed and delayed..

Unknown said...

Those are some seriously dull and uninspiring covers. I hate it when publishers seemingly don't put much effort in and slap on a black cover with a symbol in the middle.

I wish they'd put on some proper artwork but I guess they feel that they've already made their money from the original books and that sales on these are a bonus.

Anonymous said...

THE MONARCHIES OF GOD series has a great mix of politics, warfare, intrigue and horror, which I really enjoyed reading. But my books are showing their age with broken bindings and bent covers, so these omnibuses will be a welcome addition to my bookcase.

On the subject of the covers, I agree with those who are less than impressed. Thankfully whats inside is worth the price.

Adam Whitehead said...

"I guess they feel that they've already made their money from the original books and that sales on these are a bonus."

The omnibuses are from a different publisher and the original books only sold okay, not spectacularly, I believe, so Solaris/Rebellion need to make as big an impact as possible with these new editions. I agree this cover art is not going to do that job, however.