Final US cover art for Robin Hobb's THE INHERITANCE & OTHER STORIES

Here's the final US cover art for Robin Hobb's collection of short fiction, The Inheritance & Other Stories. For more info about this title: Canada, USA, Europe.

Still too simple and visually bland for my taste, but the ying-yang thingie looks cool.

And it's better than the UK cover art. . .

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Jens said...

I must say that I like this cover a lot. It's simple but nice, IMHO.

But then, I also rather liked the UK cover (except for this cat's rather strangely stretched lower part) as well as this new cover of Kay's "Under Heaven".

I guess you can call yourself lucky (spoiled?) to be spared some really atrocious cover art that's floating around in other parts of the world.
In my native Germany, there was a period only recently when truely hideous covers grazed some books, especially those published by Blanvalet where some visually impaired person obviously found that psychedelic colors attract fantasy readers (whereas I think that "causing eye cancer" is the more realistic effect).
Wanna see some examples? (Exposure of more the 5 seconds not recommended...)
Les voilà:

After watching these "delicious" examples I wonder if you still dislike Hobb's cover? ;-)

Anonymous said...

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