Night Shade Books 50% Off Sale!!!

This from Night Shade Books:

Greetings all,

It’s not a secret to anyone that publishing, and the book biz in general, has been pretty rough over the last year. Borders going out of business, plus them selling off their existing inventory at huge discounts, has really put a pinch on everyone. More so on those of us who don’t have huge international conglomerates to back us up.

So it’s time to turn to that old chestnut, the 50% off sale. But this is a little different. In the past when we did this, it was more about clearing out inventory and making space for new books…it’s still kind of like that, but it’s also about getting caught up after the Publishing Apocalypse of 2011.

If you’ve ever thought that Night Shade does nice work, or want to support independent publishing that brings you new voices, stories, and ideas you wouldn’t run across otherwise, now is the time to show your support! Know that every book you buy in this sale is putting money directly into the pockets of authors, artists, designers, and all the other fantastic people that allow us to put out great books each and every month. Pass the word, mention it on your website/Facebook/Twitter/whatever your social media of choice is.

In addition, we will be adding a few new things. We’ll be opening up a very limited number of lifetime subscriptions again, as well as holding daily raffles. Each day, we’ll pick a winner from people who placed an order that day, and there are some very nifty prizes, as well as a final raffle that we’ll find the winner for from anyone who placed an order during the entire sale.

Make no mistake, Night Shade isn’t going anywhere. The future looks
bright, and some huge changes are coming. But the last year hurt, and we could really use a little help getting caught back up.

***Please note that there is a 4 book minimum to participate in the sale.

Thank you, from everyone at Night Shade.

Jason Williams
Night Shade Books


So what are you guys waiting for!?!

2 commentaires:

seewhatsinmybrain said...

Hopped right over there to order some titles but not seeing the 50% off sale reflected anywhere on the site or in my cart (even all the way through to checkout).

Maybe Im being dim - is there a discount code I need to enter or something?

Julien said...

it worked for me. Discounted was applied after adding 4 books...