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You can now download Robert McCammon's Mystery Walk for only 1.99$ here.

Here's the blurb:

Two young psychics do battle with an ancient evil.

Billy Creekmore was born to be a psychic. His mother, a Choctaw Indian schooled in her tribe’s ancient mysticism, understood that the barrier between life and death is permeable. She knew how to cross it, and used that knowledge to help the dead rest easier. She passed that power on to her son, and he has spent his whole life learning how to communicate with the dead to prevent them from meddling with the living.

Though his powers are the same, Wayne Falconer’s background could not be more different. The son of a prominent preacher, he would be disowned if his father learned he was using supernatural powers in service of the church. Though they don’t know each other, Billy and Wayne share a recurring dream—and a common enemy. When a nightmarish monster descends on their community in Alabama, mankind’s fate will rest in their hands.

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ScriboErgoSum said...

McCammon's old stuff is all right, but you should all check out his Matthew Corbett series. After a decade off, McCammon rocketed back into the publishing world with the first four books of his Matthew Corbett series, which chronicles a would-be Sherlock Holmes\James Bond problem solver in Colonial America.

The fourth book, The Providence Rider, was just released, and it was a really fun read. Maybe a bit too short, but McCammon kind of set the table for the second act of this 10 book series. Book 5, River of Souls, cannot be released soon enough.