Excerpt from Jasper Kent's THE PEOPLE'S WILL

Jasper Kent, author of the excellent Danilov Quintet, has just posted an extract from the upcoming fourth installment in the series, The People's Will.

Follow this link to read the first chapter from the novel.

The People's Will should be published in early 2013.

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Anonymous said...

The Danilov Quintet begs for a good and serious movie adaptation by an accomplished director. The depth of these novels, the historical background etc... these books are some of the best vampire novels I have ever read.
Kent describes vampires as they should be described. They are not the sparkly, lovable super hero teenagers, but dangerous, ambiguous, shady and powerful predators. But in some there still is goodness and the greatest evil can still be found in humans.

To every vampire lover: READ THESE BOOKS!