Cover art for the PS Publishing limited edition of Steven Erikson's FORGE OF DARKNESS

Hmmm, not sure about these two. . .

Follow this link for more information about this limited edition set.

4 commentaires:

Anonymous said...

Looks way to generic to be worth it.

Great book though, finished it a couple of days ago. Really looking forward to "Fall of Light".

Anonymous said...

I was deeply disappointed by the PS Publishing edition of Stonewielder I bought some time ago. The illustrations for the 2 jackets did not meet my expectations at all, nothing "fantastical" about them, plus some other things that I have only myself to blame.
I see no reason to have these books published divided in 2 parts, to be honest. I already have the normal hard cover edition of the Forge and it's beautiful and very cheap.
In fact, I bought the Stonewielder normal hard cover edition as well, and will eventually sell the PS Publishing one on ebay when I find the time.
YMMV, of course.

Cecrow said...

Can't say I like these either.

Jens said...

Can't say that I like the red cover, but the blue one is an atrocity!