New survey: AMoL body count?

The Last Battle is here.

The proverbial shit is about to hit the fan. 

Big time.

But this is Robert Jordan. Which means that most of the important characters have gone through the ups and downs of The Wheel of Time without so much as a paper cut. In my opinion, none of them will get offed in the upcoming A Memory of Light (Canada, USA, Europe).

Out of this list of main characters, how many do you believe will die in the series' grand finale?

The nominees:

- Rand
- Mat
- Perrin
- Lan
- Nynaeve
- Elayne
- Min
- Moiraine
- Egwene
- Gawyn
- Galad
- Siuan
- Aviendha
- Cadsuane
- Thom

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12 commentaires:

Culain said...

I'm perfectly convinced that there will be a Gawyn v Galad faceoff.

Josiah Jubilee said...

Haha. Robert Jordan kills characters he just doesn't do the way everyone else does: with a bodily harm. RJ kills their innocence and changes them. It's almost worse.

Nobody is the same as they were in that first book. I feel like killing characters is just as easily a crutch as it is a viable storytelling tool.

Brett said...

It's irritating that they don't even have an e-book version of it at all scheduled to go on sale. They sold the Prologue as an e-book, but they won't sell the book itself? That might have flown as late as 2-3 years ago, but e-readers, tablets, and e-reading are ubiquitous now, particularly among younger readers.

It's not like it's going to stop piracy. Someone will likely scan the whole thing and have a PDF file floating around in 3 days.

Unknown said...

Does Rand's "to live you have to die" answer from the 'finn count?

machinery said...

can i choose who will die ? i will kill nearly everyone.
i'd leave rand, min, mat, moiraine and thom alive.
the rest i would like to see getting killed.
especialy elaine, nynaeve,egwene and aviendha.
but all that is irrelevant.
the story with the seanchan will remain open probably, what's the point ? the glimpse to the future of rand's children ruined the books (even more).

Jakub said...

Try as I might, I just couldn't get into that series (2 books and a half). Pity, now I would have something to be excited about...

John said...

I'm pretty sure the cover artist will be dead and buried at the end of this....

Laura said...

It's Harriet (Robert Jordan's widow and editor). She's old school. The ebook will be released April 9. You can thank Brandon Sanderson for getting her to release it that soon. Ridiculous because it will just make people more likely to pirate it with the delay.

Neth said...

I voted - for the correct answer. I do know who lives and who dies. And it was awesome read finding out.

Kevin B. said...

@John - That cover artist is Michael Whelan. He has won 15 Hugo awards and numerous other honors. He has made some truly masterful pieces of art.

Having said that, the best I can say about the Memory of Light cover is that it stays in the same vain as the other WoT covers...

Anonymous said...

I've always thought that the world of dreams was there for the purpose of killing off characters in the final battle, while still ending on a feel good moment. Prediction: rand and egwene die and meet in the world of dreams where Lews Theron finds out Egwene was ileyna.

Terez said...

Surprised so many people voted for less than 5. (75% at this point.) Rand will definitely die, though he'll probably be resurrected. Aside from that, Cadsuane is toast, either Gawyn or Galad will die and possibly both. Mat is the only one on the list who is certain not to die, though the harem seems pretty safe too. The others are all vulnerable. I personally doubt Perrin will die, though, and I think Nynaeve will live. I've seen it argued that Lan will live but most people think he will die.