Subterranean Press: 50% off preorder sale!

This from the Subpress website:

By our memory, it’s been a good year or so since we ran a 50% off sale, so here we go. We’re only going to leave the sale live for a couple of days, so please don’t hesitate to order.

Some important notes:

- You must order at least 4 forthcoming titles;
- Limit one copy per title;
- Lettered Editions are not eligible;
- In print titles are not eligible;
- Shipping is not discounted;
- Other publishers’ books are not eligible;
- Sorry, no retroactive discounts on already ordered titles;
- The following titles are not part of the sale: Memories of Ice, Smoke and Mirrors, Locke & Key: Crown of Shadows, The Shining, The Fall of Hyperion.

Discounts will be applied when you check out. Thanks, and have fun picking up some great reading at unbeatable prices.

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