Malazan release dates update

Adam from The Wertzone recently reported that both Ian Cameron Esslemont's Assail and Steven Erikson's Fall of Light had, at least according to Amazon, been delayed.

As things stand, the Esslemont is scheduled to be released on March 27th 2014, while the Erikson should be published on June 5th 2014. So I contacted Simon Taylor, both ICE and SE's editor, to get the lowdown on these delays and that's what he had to say:

And Amazon’s right (for now) – and all things subject to change.

Hence, though nothing is set in stone, I have a feeling that these release dates could change again before both books see the light. For better or worse? Time will tell. . .

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Ripper Madness said...

I've been wondering about this very topic. Hopefully they come out sooner rather than later but I'm for whatever makes the Erikson and Esslemont novels as good as they can be. That being said I'm not getting any younger, ha!

Thanks for the update Pat.