PLUG -- Short Film

PLUG - SHORT FILM from vyle-art on Vimeo.

PLUG is a cool short science fiction film! Here's the synopsis:

Directorial debut from internationally renowned designer and concept artist, David Levy (Tron legacy, Prometheus, Ender's Game, Tomorrowland, Avatar2). The short film is the first 15 minutes of a science fiction TV series Levy has outlined and hopes to film. Unlike the highly VFX-ed science fiction films inundating audiences today, PLUG is a return to 1970's classics like Star Wars and Mad Max with a gritty universe made from mostly live props and real life settings. Enjoy and share!

"On a post-apocalyptic Earth, Leila Dawn (Natalie Floyd), is the only human survivor. Raised by Robots after humanity abandoned the planet they destroyed with nuclear warfare, Leila cannot forget her parents nor ignore her yearning to find other organic life. A hunt she sets out on with a Military Unit, Marker (Lex Cassar), leads Leila to discover the reality she’s been denied—a reality that sparks her ultimate quest."

2 commentaires:

Jon R. said...

looks very cool, except emperor scorpions are about as venomous as honey bees. I pet one of those at the fair when I was a kid.

vyle-art said...

In post apocalypse situations, scorpions can be detrimental :) espeially as Ray is not a human per say ;)