More inexpensive ebook goodies!

This Labor Day weekend (not sure if it's a worldwide promotion), you can get the digital edition of Robert Jordan's The Complete Wheel of Time for only 44.99$ here.

Here's the blurb:

The Wheel of Time®, Robert Jordan's internationally bestselling fantasy series, has captured the imaginations of millions of readers worldwide.

This ebook contains the full text of the fourteen books of The Wheel of Time, plus the prequel novel New Spring.

By Robert Jordan
The Eye of the World
The Great Hunt
The Dragon Reborn
The Shadow Rising
The Fires of Heaven
Lord of Chaos
A Crown of Swords
The Path of Daggers
Winter's Heart
Crossroads of Twilight
Knife of Dreams

By Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson
The Gathering Storm
Towers of Midnight
A Memory of Light

2 commentaires:

Anonymous said...

More like "The Complete Waste of Time" I will never understand how Robert Jordan ever became popular. He was unnecessarily verbose in the extreme, his story arcs were mostly cliches, topped off by poorly constructed prose. But to each their own.

machinery said...

robert jordan had a great story in general, but it seems like he wanted more money so he stretched it far too much, and the story arcs were ruined.
same problem happened with the malazan books, only there erikson was so impressed with himself that he though that in every book he should invent new story arcs and created a huge mess that ended poorly (at very very best).