Watch the first four episodes of The Expanse online

Ratings are quite important and even in 2015 they remain the best indication of a show’s likelihood of staying on the air. And things are not going that well for The Expanse according to this article.

So if you want quality genre TV shows like James S. A. Corey's The Expanse to stay on the air, please watch them the traditional way when the episodes are aired, or on the channel's official website. If you don't, it just might be the next Firefly. . . =(

If you are based in the USA, you can watch all current episodes in HD for free on the Syfy website.

Unfortunately, the Syfy website features territorial rights, so it's not available everywhere around the world. So if, like me, its content is unavailable in your country, you can try watching the show for free in HD on Canada's Space channel's website.

I've watched all four episodes thus far and it's been pretty good. And the story went up a notch in the last episode, which bodes well for the rest of the season! =) But if the ratings remain low, then chances are that the show won't be renewed. So if at all possible, try to watch it live on TV when the episodes air each week. If you can't, as long as we watch it via legal means (TV, DVR, online on the network's official website or YouTube channel), they have something to show for it and it's good for the show. But the TV ratings remain the most important stat...

Check it out if you haven't already!

4 commentaires:

Beau said...

Love the books and love the show so far. I read somewhere that it is one of the most expensive shows syfy has done, and it shows. Fantastic effects and visuals.
Still dealing with my mental images of the characters not matching up with the actors/actresses, but overall it's very good. I really hope it continues!

Pro-Anti said...

It's been picked up for a second season.

Fred said...

Les livres sont bons, mais on ne fait pas des Game of Thrones avec toutes les séries de livre ;)

justanearthling said...

Wohoo! It's been renewed!