Katherine Kurtz's three best Deryni series soon to be available in digital format!

As you know, I've been promoting Katherine Kurtz's Deryni saga for as long as the Hotlist has been created! It is by far one of my favorite fantasy series out there. Unfortunately, many of the books are out of print, and thus hard to find. Even worse, only the first trilogy, which is also the weakest Deryni sequence, is available in ebook format.

But things are looking up, for The Legends of Camber of Culdi, The Histories of King Kelson, and The Heirs of Saint Camber will soon be released as digital editions next month by Open Road Media! Indeed, all three trilogies will become available on March 8th.

This is awesome news, as it will allow a brand new generation of SFF readers to discover and fall in love with this saga and its characters! And you can now pre-order each installment for only 4.59$ each! Simply click on these links to find out more about the books!

The Legends of Camber of Culdi:

- Camber of Culdi
- Saint Camber
- Camber the Heretic

The Histories of King Kelson:

- The Bishop's Heir
- The King's Justice
- The Quest for Saint Camber

The Heirs of Saint Camber:

- The Harrowing of Gwynedd
- King Javan's Year
- The Bastard Prince

Here's the blurb for Camber of Culdi, which should be the first book you read:

A Deryni nobleman seeking justice faces a tyrannical king in the magnificent first book of this acclaimed classic fantasy series.

Long before Camber was revered as a saint, he was a Deryni noble, one of the most respected of the magical race whose arcane skills set them apart from ordinary humans in the medieval kingdom of Gwynedd. For nearly a century, Camber’s family has had little choice but to loyally serve the ruling Festils, Deryni usurpers who employed dark magic to wrest the throne from the rightful Haldane liege. Now, the land suffers under the tyranny of King Imre, whose savage oppression of the human population weighs heavily on Camber’s heart—a heart that is shattered when the despot and his evil mistress-sister, Ariella, cause the death of Camber’s beloved son.

Once he sought nothing more than a peaceful retirement and an uneventful old age, but the grim demands of justice and vengeance drive Camber far from his family’s estates in search of the last of the Haldane line. This descendant of kings will not be easily persuaded to accept Camber’s unthinkable plan. But with the kingdom in turmoil, the aging mage and the reluctant Haldane heir must confront together the awesome, terrible might of the Festils for the good of all.

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