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You can now download Greag Bear's Eon for only 1.99$ here.

Here's the blurb:

The Hugo and Nebula Award–winning author’s science fiction thriller about a world on the brink of nuclear war—and the appearance of a mysterious asteroid.

Perhaps it wasn’t from our time; perhaps it wasn’t even from our universe. But the arrival of the three-hundred-kilometer-long stone was the answer to humanity’s desperate need to end the threat of nuclear war. Inside the deep recesses of the stone lies Thistledown—the remnants of a human society versed in English, Russian, and Chinese. Their artifacts foretell a great Death caused by the ravages of war, but the government and scientists are unable to decide how to use this knowledge. Deeper still within the stone is the Way. For some, the Way means salvation from death; for others, it is a parallel world where loved ones live again. But, unlike Thistledown, the Way is not entirely dead, and its inhabitants hold the knowledge of a present war, over a million miles away, involving weapons far more deadly than any that mankind has ever conceived.

An epic near-future adventure, New York Times–bestselling author Greg Bear’s Eon is classic hard science fiction at its best.

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