This week's New York Times Bestsellers (August 8th)

In hardcover:

Stephen King’s End of Watch is down one position, ending the week at number 10.

Blake Crouch’s Dark Matter debuts at number 14.

In paperback:

Ernest Cline's Ready Player One returns at number 11 (trade paperback)

Stephen King's Doctor Sleep debuts at number 14.

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Tim Ward said...

I just finished the audiobook of Mr. Mercedes. Perfect casting for the narrator, as usual for a King book, and once again the story and characterization of good and "evil" characters blew me away. I've never felt so much for a serial killer. Tragic story.

Dark Matter is a serious front-runner for best read of the year. Perfect delivery of empathy for the hero stuck in a science experiment gone way wrong.

I just picked up The Android's Dream on audiobook in the hopes of it being somewhat close to what Ready Player One did.