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As damned as the Ordealmen are, the Ark leans across the Eye in a manner almost too violent to comprehend, a vision that strums the scale of the spirit too profoundly to hear. All this time, she has thrown aside her face, shielded her gaze, lest she vomit, void her bowel.

But there is no avoiding it now, short of groping her way forward.

Evil. An alien malice as cold as the Void.

Mutilated babes. Cities heaped like so many beehives upon a bonfire. The Horns gleam static through imagistic clamour, rise against clouds of tangled violet, crisp and gleaming, massive and inanimate, scarcely reflecting the eruption of demonic atrocities below, the thousandfold glimpses of dying peoples, races, civilizations—crimes that break the back of imagination, multiplied unto lunacy across the span of lands and ages, so heinous as to draw Hell, like fat in famine, up through the pores of the World.

- R. SCOTT BAKKER, The Unholy Consult (Canada, USA, Europe)

Is it good? you ask. Yes, it's fucking good thus far! ;-)

4 commentaires:

David Wagner said...

"Void her bowel."

Dude, you must be trolling us at this point... Have your fun, Pat! Have your fun!

Unknown said...

David, we get it, you don't like Bakker. But nothing is going to convince people that his writing goes over your head more than commenting on every quote just to whine about how terrible it is.

David Wagner said...

Thanks for setting me straight, RJ.

Anonymous said...

David, We don't really need the torture of reading your comments just because you are angry that you didn't understand Bakker and missed out largely. If you don't like it then DON'T CLICK ON THE POST, IT'S NOT SO FUCKING HARD.