Quote of the Day

"We have rules regarding this stuff," Hodges began.

"You'll forgive me if I don't buy that particular line," Schweitzer said. "Do the rules say that you can just reach out to the government of Canada on our own accord and set up an op? You're committing the United States to a foreign policy position. Doesn't the President or the Secretary of State get to weigh in?"

Ghaznavi snorted, "POTUS? SECSTATE? They're just public servants."

"Who the hell are you, then?" Schweitzer asked.

Ghaznavi and Hodges exchanged a knowing glance. "We're the people who run things while the public servants make speeches and cut ribbons. Been that way since people decided they were willing to give up some power to tough customers in exchange for being kept safe."

- MYKE COLE, Siege Line (Canada, USA, Europe)

Cole did it again! Siege Line is another compelling read!

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