More inexpensive ebook goodies!

Not sure for how long, and this might be a glitch, but you can get your hands on the digital edition of R. Scott Bakker's The Unholy Consult for only 1.99$ here!

Here's the blurb:

In this shattering conclusion to The Aspect-Emperor books, praised for their “sweeping epic scale and detailed historical world building” (Grimdark Magazine), R. Scott Bakker delivers the series’ feverishly harrowing and long-awaited finish.

The Men of the Great Ordeal have been abandoned by Aspect-Emperor Anasurimbor Kellhus, and the formerly epic crusade has devolved into cannibalism and chaos. When Exalt-General Proyas, with the Imperial-Prince Kayutas at his side, attempts to control the lost Men and continue their march to Golgotterath, it rapidly becomes clear that the lost Lord-and-Profit is not so easily shaken from the mission.

When Sorweel, Believer-King of Sakarpus, and Serwa, daughter of the Aspect-Emperor, join the Great Ordeal they discover that the Shortest Path is not always the most obvious, or the safest. Souls, morals, and relationships are called into question when no one can be trusted, and the price for their sins is greater than they imagined.

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Jon R. said...

Railsea $2 on amazon today.

machinery said...

i bet everyone is waiting for me to say my regular piece about this so called book that pat is so fixated upon. well, since you know what i was about to say, then i made my point to begin with.

... but i'll say it anyway, this book series and author are a pretentious bs.

Anonymous said...

The only point you continuously make is that your an idiot.

...and you just made it again!