Kushiel's Legacy orchestral soundtrack

Wow! Listen to this soundcloud! =)

Film music composer Christy Carew Marshall imagines what a full orchestral score to key scenes of Jacqueline Carey's incredible Kushiel's Legacy series would sound like. Scenes inspired by her iconic books Kushiel's Dart, Kushiel's Chosen and Kushiel's Avatar.

Recorded in Skopje, Macedonia by the FAME's Project Orchestra
Conducted by Oleg Kondratenko
Engineered by FAME's Project
Mixed and mastered by Jeremy Underwood

Composed and Orchestrated by Christy Carew Marshall

Harp performed and recorded by Ivory McCann in New Orleans, LA

Special thanks to Jacqueline Carey, Tia Mansouri, Ivory McCann, Jeremy Underwood, Laurent Koppitz, Diana Jeong, Miriam Mayer, Fabrizio Mancinelli, Ian and Patti Armstrong, Brian Nelson, Tim and Fiona Carew, Christopher Tin, John and Lola Debney, and Thomas Goss. Cover art Copyright Diana Ming Jeong and Tia Mansouri, used with permission.

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