More inexpensive ebook goodies!

You can download four of The Infinity Project anthologies edited by Jonathan Strahan for only 0.99$ each. There is a price match in Canada.

Here's the blurb for the first one:

The universe shifts and changes: suddenly you understand, you get it, and are filled with wonder. That moment of understanding drives the greatest science-fiction stories and lies at the heart of Engineering Infinity. Whether it’s coming up hard against the speed of light – and, with it, the enormity of the universe – realising that terraforming a distant world is harder and more dangerous than you’d ever thought, or simply realizing that a hitchhiker on a starship consumes fuel and oxygen with tragic results, it’s hard science-fiction where a sense of discovery is most often found and where science-fiction’s true heart lies. This exciting and innovative science-fiction anthology collects together stories by some of the biggest names in the field, including Gwyneth Jones, Stephen Baxter and Charles Stross.

- Engineering Infinity
- Edge of Infinity
- Bridging Infinity
- Infinity Wars

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Laura said...

Also the other two:
Reach for Infinity
Meeting Infinity

Infinity's End comes out soon.