Quote of the Day

“Well then,” said Hadrian, “are we set for mayhem or what? Of course, assuming a hostile reception. If it’s not hostile, well, I’m sure it will be sooner or later.”

“With these weapons,” said Galk, “count on it.”

“And in this manner we continue to profess peaceful intentions on an ever-expanding wave of spraying blood and alien body parts.” He tapped his comms. “Sin-Dour, put the marines on standby.”

“Yes sir.”

Tammy the chicken now appeared. “That’s right,” the AI said, “you’re going nowhere without me. You, Nina Twice, pick me up for the displacement, will you? There. Good. Oh, you have such soft hands . . . except for the bone-shattering ridge implants on the edge of your palms.”

“Now then!” said Hadrian, “onto the pads, team! And remember, so long as none of us die it doesn’t matter how many aliens we slaughter. All sympathies remain with us and indeed, our innate righteousness remains intact!”

- STEVEN ERIKSON, Willful Child: The Search for Spark (Canada, USA, Europe)

Looks like it's going to be another hilarious read! =)

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