More inexpensive ebook goodies!

You can now get your hands on the digital edition of Glen Cook's Port of Shadows for only 2.99$ here. There is a price match in Canada.

Here's the blurb:

The soldiers of the Black Company don’t ask questions, they get paid. But being “The Lady’s favored” is attracting the wrong kind of attention and has put a target on their backs, and the Company’s historian, Croaker, has the biggest target of all.

The one person who was taken into The Lady’s Tower and returned unchanged has earned the special interest of the court of sorcerers known as The Ten Who Were Taken. Now, he and the company are being asked to seek the aid of their newest member, Mischievous Rain, to break a rebel army. However, Croaker doesn’t trust any ofthe Taken, especially not ones that look so much like The Lady and her sister…

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Fred said...

I'm currently reading Zweihander (TTRPG) and I really dig that setting. The author suggests Black Company, ASOIAF and Scott Lynch (that I haven't read yet). Are those books (Gentleman bastards) are self-contained or I'll just be orphan of another sequence of books that will be never completed? Thanks!