More inexpensive ebook goodies!

You can now download M. R. Carey's The Book of Koli for only 1.99$ by following this Amazon Associate link. There is a price match in Canada.

The two sequels, The Trials of Koli and The Fall of Koli, are also discounted.

Here's the blurb:

The first in a masterful new trilogy from acclaimed author M. R. Carey, The Book of Koli begins the story of a young boy on a journey through a strange and deadly world of our making.

Everything that lives hates us...

Beyond the walls of the small village of Mythen Rood lies an unrecognizable landscape. A place where overgrown forests are filled with choker trees and deadly seeds that will kill you where you stand. And if they don't get you, one of the dangerous shunned men will.

Koli has lived in Mythen Rood his entire life. He believes the first rule of survival is that you don't venture too far beyond the walls.

He's wrong.

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