More inexpensive ebook goodies!

For those who downloaded Katherine Kurtz's The Legends of Camber of Culdi omnibus, the digital edition of the first installment in the next trilogy, The Harrowing of Gwynedd, is only 1.99$ here. And while the second volume, King Javan's Year, is not on sale, the third one, The Bastard Prince, is also 1.99$. So you can get the entire trilogy for about 12$!

The same goes for The Histories of King Kelson trilogy, with both the first and second volumes, The Bishop's Heir and The King's Justice, prices at 1.99$ here. This series is a direct sequel to the very first Deryni trilogy.

Here's the blurb for The Harrowing of Gwynedd:

In an alternate Middle Ages, a new chapter begins in the magnificent fantasy saga of the Deryni, as the magical race faces annihilation by royal enemies and a radical church.

These are the darkest days for the Deryni of Gwynedd, the magical race that once ruled this medieval kingdom but now find themselves despised and hunted by the governing regents following the death of King Cinhil. Dead also is Camber of Culdi, who served as the Deryni’s most faithful friend in the royal court. With young King Alroy too immature and weak to rule effectively, no one holds the power to halt the reign of genocidal terror that sweeps across the land—not even Prince Javan Haldane, Alroy’s twin, who recognizes the perfidy of the regents and religious zealots hovering around his royal brother. But there is an equally distressing concern for the surviving children of Camber, whose body remains uncorrupted weeks after his death, suggesting that his soul may be trapped somewhere between earth and heaven—and nothing short of the ultimate sacrifice can set Camber free.

Award-winning fantasist Katherine Kurtz continues her chronicles of an extraordinary medieval race in a magnificent series that picks up where her acclaimed Camber of Culdi trilogy left off. A story of intolerance, faith, and courage, rich in character, magic, wonder, and evocative detail, Kurtz’s brilliantly imagined alternate history is one of the shining jewels of fantasy fiction.

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