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You can now download Kameron Hurley's Future Artifacts: Stories for only 6.99$ by following this Amazon Associate link. This OneLink will take you to the nearest Amazon site serving your country and you'll see if you can take advantage of this sale.

Here's the blurb:

Brutal. Devastating. Dangerous.

Join an investigation into a cruel and heartless leader … crawl through filth and mud to escape biological warfare … team up with time-traveling soldiers faced with potentially life-altering instructions.

Kameron Hurley, award-winning author and expert in the future of war and resistance movements, has created eighteen exhilarating tales giving glimpses into the warfare of tomorrow.

A bleak future, yet there is hope for us. With Hurley’s characteristic grim optimism, her characters fight for what they believe is right. They exhibit degrees of humanity only possible in the worst of circumstances. It is these characters, driven by a murky sense of honor and written with sincere, deep empathy, that make Future Artifacts: Stories a powerful collection you won’t soon forget.

Contains the following stories:

Sky Boys
The Judgement of Gods and Monsters
Broker of Souls
The One We Feed
Corpse Soldier
The Skulls of Our Fathers
Body Politic
We Burn
The Traiter Lords
Wonder Maul Doll
Our Prisoners, the Stars
The Body Remembers
Citizens of Elsewhen

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