Here we go!

Hi guys!
Well, as the title of this blog implies, I want to share my love of the fantasy genre with the rest of you!;-) God knows that there are a lot of us, with more and more people discovering the magic every year. Hell, I can remember when the Scifi/Fantasy section of a bookstore used to be a mere 4 by 4 thing. It was a sad state of affairs, let me tell ya!

I guess that I'll be playing it by ear... I'm open for suggestions, by the way. Feel free to share your thoughts with me.:-)

Since many people have recommended that I do so for several years now, I figure that this blog will be first and foremost a place where I'll post my thoughts on whatever novel or series I am presently reading. So I guess that I'll sort of become a critic... Who knows!?! Perhaps we can get enough word of mouth going to put someone's novel on the bestsellers' charts!

Also, I'll probably talk about my favourite series of all time and offer suggestions as to what to read, and what not to read...

Stay tuned! We'll have to wait and see... Meanwhile, take care and be good, all of you,


P. S. Je suis francophone, alors vous pouvez communiquer avec moi en Français!;-)

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