New Poll: Best Female Fantasy Writers

Hi guys!

Well, since many of you encouraged me to do another survey, here it is!;-) As I mentioned before, I had officially run out of ideas. But some people submitted suggestions, and this is one of them. Personally, I am persuaded that Robin Hobb will easily take the cake. But it will be interesting to see who else will make the list. . .

As always, feel free to vote here or own your regular message board. I'll compile the results in about a week!

18 commentaires:

Anonymous said...

Lois McMaster Bujold

Robin Hobb

Andre Norton

Marion Zimmer Bradley

Anonymous said...

Patricia McKillip
Robin Hobb
Lois McMaster Bujold
Robin McKinley
Sherri S. Tepper
Judith Tarr
Marion Zimmer Bradley
Anne Rice
Anne McCaffrey
Tamora Pierce

Jay Tomio said...

1. Ursula Leguin - nobody is even close; nobody can match the quatity/quality and versatility. Except maybe Willis.

2. Angela Carter

3. Susanna Clarke

4. Hope Mirless

5. Lois Mcmaster Bujold

6. Mary Gentle

7. Connie Willis

8. Vera Nazarian

9. Patrica Mckillip

10.. Kelly Link

Robin Hobb
KJ Bishop
Tamar Yellin
JV Jones
Diane Wynne Jones
Lynn Flewelling
Steph Swainston
Holly Phillips
CL Moore
Sharon Shinn
Ann McCaffery
Liz Williams
Martha Wells
Catherynne M. Valent,
Jacqueline Carey
Jane Yolen
Tanith Lee
Julian May
JK Rowwing
Kage Baker

Anonymous said...

1. Robin Hobb
2. Jacqueline Carey
3. J.K. Rowling
4. Ursula Le Guin

Anonymous said...

Robin Hobb
Ursula K. LeGuin
Mary Gentle

Anonymous said...

Lois McMaster Bujold
Robin McKinley
Ursula LeGuin
Connie Willis

Alex said...

Bradley's "Mists of Avalon" is the best fantasy novel by a woman I've ever read. Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel series is the best trilogy. Leguin and Hobb also belong on the very short list. Bujold is one of my all time favorites for SF, but as a fantasy writer isn't at the top. Some will hesitate to list Rowling, on the theory that writers that popular can't really be good, but she is.

Patternweaver said...

Katherine Kerr

Angela said...

Sarah Zettel

JK Rowling

Isobelle Carmody

Anne Rice

Traci Harding

I actually don't understand the fuss about Robin Hobb. I couldn't get into her work.

Anonymous said...

Sara Douglas
Fiona McIntosh
Anne Bishop

Anonymous said...

Maggie Furey

Anne Bishop

Robin Hobb

Anonymous said...

Juliet Marillier (The Sevenwaters Trilogy) is my favorite.

Cherry said...

Kate Forsyth ~ Witches of Eileanan Series

S.L. Farrell ~ Cloudmages Series

Dawn Cook ~ Truth Series

Syne Mitchell ~ Deathless Series

Anonymous said...

· Mercedes Lackey
· Tamora Peirce
· Joanne Bertin
· Sharon Shinn
· Kristen Britain
· Dawn Cook
· Patricia Briggs
· Sherwood Smith
· Diane Wynne Jones
· Katherine Kerr

Anonymous said...

Juliet marillier
Kate forsyth
N.S Nikakis
Isobelle Carmody
Anne bishop
Fiona mcintosh

Anonymous said...

Fiona McIntosh, Sara Douglas, Trudi Canavan, Anne Bishop

NaiEldheni said...

Katherine Kerr
Isobelle Carmody (tends to YA, but a lovely writer)
Patricia McKillip
Jane Yolan
Tamora Pierce (also YA)
Mary Gentle
Anne Kelleher

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin