The Prince of Nothing contest winner

Hi guys!

Well, the name of the lucky winner has just been drawn! And it's Dave Northeast, from Oshawa, Canada.

As promised, he will receive a hardcover set of The Prince of Nothing trilogy, which includes The Darkness That Comes Before, The Warrior-Prophet, and of course The Thousandfold Thought.

Many thanks to Overlook for not only helping me to set this up, but for the greatest prize so far! I would also like to thank all the participants. Stay tuned for more!;-)

By the way, the Erikson contest winner will be drawn next week! It could be you!:-)


2 commentaires:

Dave said...

Oh, my... I seem to have received an email saying I've won some books. This is quite a shock. I must thank you and Overlook for this prize; it's really generous and exceptional.

I often put contests like these out of my mind once I enter, so this blindsided me a bit. I'm excited just for the fact the third book is coming out, and this is much like a thick layer of silky icing on the cake.

Thanks again!

Patrick said...

No problem, Dave!

Enjoy the books!;-)