Before buying from Amazon, consider this. . .

Hi there!

I've been meaning to do this for a while now, but somehow life always got in the way. Better late than never, as they say!

I've been meaning to add Clarkesworld Books to my links, and as you can see it's done. Neil not only runs a speciality store, but a quality store. And as such, he can cater to all your fantasy/scifi/horor/speculative fiction needs. With good prices and a variety of shipping options, it's the place to go to purchase books. In addition, he usually has signed copies and other special features that you won't find elsewhere.

Moreover, the main reason to use Neil's services is because he's one of us -- a fan. So next time you wish to buy a book, check him out before you business with Amazon or other online bookstores.

Hopefully I've managed to pique your curiosity. Feel free to peruse Neil's website at and see what he has to offer, both in terms of new and used novels. Ask anyone who's done business with him, and they'll doubtless only have positive things to say about Clarkesworld Books.

My shameless plug of the month!;-)

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