Robin Hobb contest winners!

The names of our five winners have been drawn! Thanks to the generosity of Voyager Books, each will receive a copy of Robin Hobb's Renegade's Magic. For more info about this title: Europe.

I'm 2/3 into this novel ,and in my opinion it's probably the best volume of The Soldier Son trilogy so far. Expect my review early next week. . .

The winners are:

- Annabelle Tasset, from Paris, France (Elise on

- Anastasia Shirov, from Jerusalem, Israel

- Kuido Talu, from Parnu, Estonia

- Angelina Bobrysheva, from Kaliningrad, Russia

- Séverine Gonzalez, from Bavois, Switzerland

Thanks to all the participants!;-)

5 commentaires:

Anonymous said...

Congratulations everyone! :) Great to see the prize books went to so many different countries.

Anonymous said...

Didn't get lucky this time but it's nice to see such an eclectic list of winners from all over the world. :)

Robin Hobb's books do touch readers from lots of countries!

Bravo to all the winners!


Anonymous said...

Ohhh!!! I'm a winner!
I'm so happy, thank you!!!
My english is not very good, sorry.
Thank very very Patrick!

Anastasia said...

Wow!! I won!!
I never won anything before.
Thank you so much!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for such nice contests. I was away on vacation and only found out I won a copy this morning. Great way to start your workday! ;)

Thanks once more.