Ian Cameron Esslemont contest winners!

The long wait is finally over, Malazan fans!

The names of our five winners have been drawn, and they will each get their hands on a copy of Esslemont's Return of the Crimson Guard (Canada, USA, Europe), compliments of Transworld.

The winners are:

- Wouter Deceuninck, from Westerlo, Belgium

- Chris Pole, from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

- Greg Moore, from Enfield, London, Middlesex, UK (TT on malazanempire.com)

- Jukka Pimperi, from Kemi, Finland

- Marco Delmoro, from Orciano di Pesaro, Italy (Gormenghast on asoiaf.westeros.org)

Thanks to all the participants!

4 commentaires:

Carpethead said...

Sweet! I won! Can't wait to get this book! Been looking forward to it for a long time. Thanks Pat!

Anonymous said...

Magnificent! This really makes my day. After reading Toll The Hound, this one was next on my priority list.

Hopefully it won't arrive too soon though, or my upcoming exams might suffer. :)

thanks Pat!

Anonymous said...

Woah! Can't wait to get my hands on it. Thanks Pat, you're the best :)


Anonymous said...


Awesome, I finally won this, and then I won the signed TTH bbq copy on the forums the same weekend!

It's a malazan-erriffic time for me :D