Fantasy-Faction's Grim Gathering

If you are in the London area tomorrow (actually today on the other side of the pond), you probably don't want to miss out Fantasy-Faction's Grim Gathering event! =) I mean, who wouldn't want to meet Joe Abercrombie, Peter V. Brett, Myke Cole, and Mark Lawrence, right!?!

It's free of charge and promises to be one cool evening! Follow this link for all the details. . .

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Marc Aplin (Fantasy-Faction) said...

Hey Pat! I only just saw that you posted about this. Please accept my thanks. It means a lot to be blogged about by one of the people who inspired me to start blogging :)

Marc, Fantasy-Faction

Patrick said...

Hi Marc,

Happy to have helped spread the word! I haven't been in touch with Abercrombie, but Peter, Mark, and Myke told me that the event was great!

Keep up the good work at Fantasy-Faction! =)