Speculative Fiction Top 10 of 2015

1- Nemesis Games by James S. A. Corey (Canada, USA, Europe)
2- Fool's Quest by Robin Hobb (Canada, USA, Europe)
3- The Liar's Key by Mark Lawrence (Canada, USA, Europe)
4- Gemini Cell by Myke Cole (Canada, USA, Europe)
5- Originator by Joel Shepherd (Canada, USA, Europe)
6- Half a War by Joe Abercrombie (Canada, USA, Europe)
7- Luna: New Moon by Ian McDonald (Canada, USA, Europe)
8- The Border by Robert McCammon (Canada, USA, Europe, and Subterranean Press)
9- Half the World by Joe Abercrombie (Canada, USA, Europe)
10- Heritage of Cyador by L. E. Modesitt, jr. (Canada, USA, Europe)

Hey guys!

As promised, here's my top 10 SFF novels of 2015! I'm still missing that Nemesis Games review, but I will put it up before the year if through! My mom underwent what should be her last breast cancer-related surgery on Wednesday and it sort of screwed up the family's Holiday plans. It was originally scheduled for later this winter, so lots of things have changed for all of us. She's all right and doing well considering that the surgery took place less than 48 hours ago, but we weren't able to celebrate Christmas last night. Will do so today, so no worries. =)

So anyway, we have all been called upon to help these last couple of days, and that's why I'm late with my reviews. Which is also why I probably won't have time to come up with my year-end awards this year. Will try to get back on track and have the Hotties appear at the end of 2016. . .

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D said...

Hey Pat. Hope your mother gets well soon. Happy holidays..

Unknown said...

Hi Pat. Best of luck to you and your family. Hopefully your mother's recovery is speedy and uneventful-Khaled

Stinky93 said...

I look forward to your end-of-year best-of lists. Some on your list I'll have to add to my to-read list.

Fyi, Your hotlink for 4- Gemini Cell is pointing to the wrong place.

Patrick said...

Thanks, guys! =)

Tim Ward said...

Praying for your Mom. Glad to hear good news about her surgery.