Blade Runner 2049 trailer

Let us hope it's better than Star Wars: Rogue One. . . :/

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Ripper Madness said...

I agree. With each new piece of nostalgia porn the less and less I care. But Blade Runner is my favorite all-time movie, and if not Ridley Scott directing I like this director just fine. I always hope for the best and it is a sequel not a reboot so...

I did read a unintentional funny blogpost asking why Harrison Ford has been going around and killing off all of the classic movie franchises he had been in. First Indiana Jones and the Chrystal Skulls, then Episode VII, now Blade Runner. He's not doing it on purpose right? I kid.

Blade Runner 2049 comes out the week before my birthday so its not a bad way to celebrate. I don't need another trailer, lets just leave it at that and hope its a good movie.

have a happy new years!