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Face the facts. Then act on them. It's the only mantra I know, the only doctrine I have to offer you, and it's harder than you'd think, because I swear humans seem hardwired to do anything but. Face the facts. Don't pray, don't wish, don't buy into centuries-old dogma and dead rhetoric. Don't give in to your conditioning or your visions or your fucked-up sense of . . . whatever. FACE THE FACTS. THEN act.

- RICHARD MORGAN, Broken Angels (Canada, USA, Europe)

About one hundred pages to go and this one sure is an awesome read! =)

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Ripper Madness said...

Altered Carbon and Broken Angels when they came out put Richard K. Morgan right to the top of my favorite science fiction writers. Since its been so long since they came out and his more recent novels have been either been disappointments, annoying or just unreadable to me, I forget how much I loved Altered Carbon and Broken Angels.

I am looking forward to the Netflix series but more importantly I am looking forward to re-reading Altered Carbon again. It's been awhile.

Have a great weekend and Happy New Years!