Quote of the Day

"You might have fifteen guys lined up."

"To get out of work, maybe."

"Guys have been complaining about feeling dizzy."

"Not to me. All I see is purple fungus, crabs, and clap. Only no crabs or clap nowadays. Those temple girls are clean. Anybody does come up with the clap, I'll just let them squeal when they need to piss."

"That's what sets you apart, Croaker. Your boundless empathy."

- GLEN COOK, Port of Shadows (Canada, USA, Europe)

What a pleasure to have Croaker return as a narrator! But this book has been a chore to go through. Unless it ends with an exclamation point, it will be the most disappointing SFF title of the year. . . :/

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Janusz said...

No exclamation, sorry. And the history of Senjak sisters is completely different :-(