Accepting questions for a Robin Hobb Interview!

Yes, that's right!:-) I have secured an interview with Robin Hobb! As always, please feel free to submit your questions to me. As I did with my previous interviews, I will select the most interesting ones to comprise the Q&A!

Like the Tad Williams interview, a portion of the Robin Hobb interview will be posted online as soon as it's finished. And the full Q&A should appear in the next issue of Gryphonwood Press Magazine.

2 commentaires:

Jay said...

Hmmm..that makes two of us with a forthcoming interview with Hobb! Lucky us!


Patrick said...

Damn right, we ARE lucky!;-) Let me know when yours will be posted online, and I will add a link to it. The French website will also be posting one. So that's three different interviews in the space of a few weeks.

Should be quite interesting!