The Great Ladies of Fantasy

The results are in!

This turned out to be a very interesting poll. Indeed, many people commented that they knew very few female fantasy writers. Moreover, several were ashamed to admit the fact. Hence, I have elected to include the top 20 authors that received the most votes during the survey. May this list provide you with new writers to discover!:-)

As always, please feel free to comment!;-)

1- Robin Hobb
2- Ursula K. Le Guin
3- J. K. Rowling
4- Janny Wurts
5- Patricia A. McKillip
6- Marion Zimmer Bradley
7- Lois McMaster Bujold
8- Jacqueline Carey
9- Anne McCaffrey
10- Margaret Weis
11- Melanie Rawn
12- Diane Wynn Jones
13- Katherine Kerr
14- C. S. Friedman
15- Kate Elliott
16- Robin McKinley
17- Katherine Kurtz
18- Mary Gentle
19- J. V. Jones
20- Jennifer Fallon

2 commentaires:

Jay said...

I greatly respect Hobb's work as she is one of the few authors; male or female; writing anything close to being worth reading in epic fantasy - and I enjoy all her series thus far.

That said IMHO it's something of an injustice to see her ahead of Leguin, who is a legend.

What is Maragreit Weis of all people doing on this list, when people like Hope Mirless and Angela Carter are not?

this is not a relection on Patrick, as he just relays the recorded info; but it's mildy disturbing, hwoever, admittedly I thinK Weis is one half of the creative team that is responsible for some of the worst fantasy ever.

*shakes head*

Thanks for the Poll Pat!


Martin LaBar said...

I'm surprised not to see Sharon Shinn on this list. Patricia Wrede might also have been a good candidate.