Dune 7

Here is something I just found out on www.dunenovels.com:

"Frank Herbert left a detailed and expansive outline for "Dune 7," which wraps up many storylines introduced in the original six Dune Chronicles, plus the story will finish numerous loose ends from the six prequels written by Brian and Kevin. In breaking down the outline to begin writing, Brian and Kevin realized the novel would be close to 1500 pages long; therefore, they are dividing the story into two volumes, to be titled HUNTERS OF DUNE and SANDWORMS OF DUNE (titles suggested by Frank Herbert).

Brian and Kevin are working on the final outline and chapter breakdown and intend to write both volumes together, beginning in March. Tentative plans are to release HUNTERS in fall 2006 and SANDWORMS in fall 2007. Brian and Kevin have completed THE ROAD TO DUNE, which will be available in September 2005."

Hmmm, I'm not sure how I feel about this. There have been rumours pertaining to this for years now, but I did not know that everything was ready to get under way. . . It's one thing to write prequels to please fans by allowing them to return to the Dune universe. But it's quite another to tackle the final project of a man who is probably one of the most gifted speculative fiction author who has ever lived.

And no matter how good these books turn out to be, they can never hope to measure up to Frank Herbert's previous works. Hence, although I'm incredibly eager to know exactly how the story ends (since both Heretics of Dune and Chapterhouse: Dune were great novels), I don't believe that these two last Dune novels can live up to the hype. . . And satisfy the legions of fans who have been waiting for this for more than 2 decades.

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Jay said...

This project is an absolute abomination.

How many piss-poor books does a creative combo have to write before someone tell them to just stop it!

The worst combo in speculative fiction since Weis and Hickman. At least Weis and Hickman wrote terrible books about their own creations, isntead of staining a legendary work.


Charlie said...

I'm afraid I may have to agree with Jay on this. I've heard very little praise for the works of Brian and Kevin.

Dune and it's sequels are as Jay says "legendary" and you'd think Brian would at least keep his inferior talent away from such a project, in respect and fear of diminishing it. I seriously doubt he and Mr. Anderson will deliver the quality required and am appalled at all parties responsible for soiling a masterpiece to fill their own pockets!