Katrina: Before and After

Katrina and the destruction the hurricane has wrought in New Orleans the other regions in the south of the USA continue to appear on every newscast. And understandably, given the immensity of the damages and human suffering, it will likely be the case for weeks to come.

Sarah, one of my readers, used to live in New Orleans. She has been posting updates on her blog concerning that ordeal. Hence, if you wish to read a firsthand account of those events, prior and following the hurricane, you can log on to www.jedisluzer.blogspot.com.

Who knows? Maybe reading such blog entries will encourage more people to help and donate money to support that cause.

As for you Sarah, although we have never met, my thoughts are with you. . .:-)

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Sarah said...

Thank you Patrick! As you have noticed, I am a regular reader of your blog. :-) I may even donate myself... I've temporarily (well, we hope only temporarily) lost my job, car, and clothes, but I'm in a lot better shape than many of the other citizens of New Orleans. I have a small savings account and a college degree with which I can get another job. These people have nothing. My boyfriend and I have decided that any clothes or furniture that people give to us here in Boston, we are going to in turn donate whenever we return to NO, just to pass it on.