More free books to win!!!

Well, here we go again!

Returning from work, I got two great news via email. The first came from Tor Books' publicity department. They gave me the "go ahead" to set up a contest in collaboration with them. Which means that there is now a copy of Brandon Sanderson's Elantris up for grabs! For those who are interested, I have just written my book review on Elantris. So check it out, if you haven't already!;-)

For those who wish to participate, send your full mailing address to reviews@(NO-SPAM), with the header "ELANTRIS." Be sure to remove the no-spam addition. The winner will be announced in January. He or she will have a copy of the novel delivered right to their door!

Second great news -- and even more exciting -- came from one of my contacts at Transworld. When we set up the Erikson contest for The Bonehunters, I suggested that we could also do a contest in which the prize would be a complete set of the first 5 volumes of the series. I thought that it could be a good way to generate some interest with those fantasy readers who, for a variety of reasons, had not yet picked up one of Erikson's novels.

So what it boils down to is this: I have a set of the Malazan saga up for grabs! That means that the lucky winner will receive Gardens of the Moon, Deadhouse Gates, Memories of Ice, House of Chains, and Midnight Tides! Believe me when I tell you that it doesn't really get better than this!;-) For those who wish to participate, send your contact info to the aforementioned email address, but with the header "MALAZAN."

Good luck to all the participants!

P. S. By the way, feel free to let me know what upcoming fantasy/scifi novels you would like to have a chance to win. Setting up those contests can be a little time-consuming. But if I know that there is a lot of interest pertaining to a particular book, I can try to pull some strings in order to see if I can make it happen!:-)

3 commentaires:

Charlie said...

Hey, just checking are these competitions open to UK residents as well?!?! Or are the North Americans the only lucky ones?

Anonymous said...

How about the new Tim Pratt book that I've heard a bunch about. I think it's called The Adventures of Rangergirl.

Patrick said...

Unless mentioned, the contests are open to all, regardless of where you are from!