The Radioactive Redhead

I received this book as part of a package from Penguin Books. I had never heard of both John Zakour and Lawrence Ganem. But the premise of the story appeared funny enough, and I could use something "light" to read. So I decided to give The Radioactive Redhead a shot.

And once more, I was rewarded with a very entertaining read. This book would be perfect for the beach, the airport, or the plane. Not too long, with a narrative that flows well, it makes for a quick read. Even better, it will get at least a smile, a smirk, a laugh or a chuckle per chapter!

The Radioactive Redhead is a scifi novel that doesn't take itself too seriously. So don't expect worldbuilding of the first order, resounding depth, or deeply realized characters. This is futuristic pulp for readers who wish to enjoy the ride. And it is a fun ride!

Zachary Nixon Johnson is the last private investigator on Earth. Somehow, if that's possible, this character is sort of a cross between James Bond and Kramer. Helping him is his Artificial Intelligence sidekick HARV. The problem is, this AI wishes to experiment and elects to go through a sex change, becoming the female HARA. Zach thought that HARV could be an annoying pain in the butt, so he is quite unprepared for what comes next.

On his way to accept a contract, Zach is attacked by droid assassins. He barely manages to survive, only to find out that an entertainment network is attempting to kill him as part of a new reality show Let's kill Zach.

To add to his problems, Zach unwittingly becomes the bodyguard of Sexy Sprockets, a teen superstar. Sexy, on her farewell tour, has been receiving death threats from a terrorist organization known as PATA: People Against Talentless Acts.

Hence, trying to survive the reality show episodes, work out some domestic problems with his girlfriend, save Sexy's life and career, live with his new sidekick, all makes for an entertaining read!

This novel will certainly never win a Nobel Prize. But if you are looking for something funny to read this Holiday season, The Radioactive Redhead is definitely for you.

The final verdict: 7/10

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Johnzakour said...

Thanks for nice words. Yes, we like to think of ourselves as bubblegum for the brain.