The Bonehunters going back to print

Yes, that's right, folks!

Transworld has just emailed me that Steven Erikson's The Bonehunters will go back to print, only 3 weeks after its initial publication date.

Way to go, Steven!;-) Perhaps they'll send you to Montreal as part of your promo tour. . .

3 commentaires:

Drew said...

Hey Pat ... what the heck does back to print mean ?

is that a good thing ? or does that mean the Canadian release will be delayed past the April 25th date I'm eagerly anticipating.

Patrick said...

It means that the demand was such that the first printing of the novel has been sold out or close to it.

So they need to do a second printing of THE BONEHUNTERS. I don't believe it will influence the Canadian release date.

Anonymous said...

hey Drew. you can order from and get the book for almost the same as ordering from

...if you need the book sooner :)