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Adam (werthead on,, and a bunch of other message boards) has created a Malazan world map. At least according to the information contained in the books thus far, it is as accurate as he could make it. Curious, I emailed Steven Erikson to get his thoughts on this map. Here is the response I received:

Hi Patrick,

I perused the map and am quite impressed. It's pretty damned close. The continents are pretty much all the right place; the shape of a few are of course different but that's because they've not been visited in any of the novels. Korelri and Stratem are larger, for example; as is Assail. Genabackis needs to be angled slightly further south and up a notch or two in overall size. Lether is also larger (especially to the south of the empire proper, and Kolanse is also bigger). For all that, an exceptional bit of detective work: congrats to Adam!



Hence, this map is probably as "official" as we'll get before the release of the Malazan Encyclopedia. And you can see it here

Congrats to Adam for coming up with something so close to the real thing!;-)

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Very cool! Has this been updated at all since it was first created? It's been close to 3 years since it was created so there is more than likely more information and maps in new books to go by. If there has been any updates please post here and let me know!

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Great job!

And gratz on getting a reply back from Mr. Erikson, nice that he would take the time.

Thanks for putting a face on the many places we've read about!!!