A Milestone

I'm still shocked by the fact that this little blog of mine has now reached its 100, 000th page view!

For something that was started just for the heck of it 18 months ago, and which was not supposed to last more than a few weeks until I got bored, I'd say things found a way to skyrocket in ways I could never have envisioned! Many thanks to you, the readers, for being there to read my rambling thoughts and other fantasy-related stuff! A big thank you must also go out to the authors, editors, publicists and fellow reviewers who have accepted to work with me since this adventure began. Without you all, it would never have been the same, nor would it be as much fun!;-)

In addition, I would be remiss if I failed to acknowledge all those deprived souls who stumble upon my blog while googling for sex fantasies, fantasy women, and other fantasy-oriented sexual aspects. How disappointing must it be to realize that there is no porn here!;-) I really feel for you guys. . .

By the way, I just got an email from Tor Books. Just waiting for the confirmation, but it certainly looks like there is another Steven Erikson contest in the air!:-)

3 commentaires:

Neth said...

Congrats Patrick!

I'm still an order of magnitude below you, but I haven't been blogging as long and don't have your connections (and probably lack dedicaton as well, but I digress).

I've had some very interesting search inquiries also - it seems there are some very disturbing sexual practices in Iran. For whatever reason, that's where really outragous searches always come from.

Race said...

congrats on the big milestone!

I for one certainly appreciate all the work you put inot the interview and contests aswell as the reviews.

Patrick said...

Thanks guys!

I'll try to keep up the good work!:-)